How to test GZIP, Brotli, LZMA2 and Bzip2 for HTML and CSS compression?

(Praseem Beniwal) #1

I want to conduct a comparison of Brotli, Gzip, LZMA2 and Bzip2. I am a total beginner in this stuff and can’t really find anything useful on HOW to test these algorithms side by side. I have to conduct a whole research on this for my IB diploma so I would really appreciate all the help I can get.

My research question for my research paper is - Is Brotli better than Gzip, Bzip2 and LZMA2 in terms of web content compression. I am planning to explain all the algorithms listed above and have done that But I am just stuck on the part to get data for this comparison to analyze and come to a conclusion. I have seen a lot of comparisons like the squash benchmark but I can’t copy their data due to plagiarism. I am planning to tests these compression techniques for HTML and CSS data. I want to tests these compression algorithms by passing same HTML and CSS data into each of them and then calculating these variables - compression time, compression ratio, compression speed, decompression time, decompression speed and CPU usage. So I am stuck and can’t understand how to that so ANY HELP AT ALL will be really appreciated.

Thank you, Regards Praseem Singh Beniwal