Transfer data from the Form1 to the Form2

(ivan.norin) #1

I am using two Forms : Form1 and Form2.
How can I transfer data from the Form1 to the Form2 ? Only with using delegate ?

(Sine) #2

@ivan.norin can you be more clear, on what you mean by:

is it critical to use delegate? basically a delegate is used for cross thread events, or calls. not for data transfer?

To pass a value from a Form to another Form would just need a variable, probably a global variable or property or method. think all paths can lead to data transfer in between two WinForms Forms! with no need for Delegates.

unless the Forms you’ve mentioned aren’t the Forms we all know (System.Windows.Forms.Form) or the data transfer is meant to be something more complicated.

You will have to provider some code snippet and more explanation.