What are Internet Cookies?


(Kim) #1

What are internet cookies and why are they on my browser?

(Marie) #2

HTTP cookies (webcookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie) are commonly seen whenever one is browsing on the internet and don’t give much thought about it. Several websites are informing the users that the page requires cookies but most are just ignoring it due to lack of explanation and understanding on what internet cookies are.

Quite simply, cookies are small bits of information that your browser stores on your computer as a mechanism to for a website to have a state. Its typically used on logins, shopping carts or statistics that the server should take note of. This is used mainly because HTTP is stateless. There is no link between two requests and the server has no way if knowing if two requests came from the same browser. Using a cookie, the browser will store a small pice of data and send it back to the server with the subsequest requests; keeping all the items inside your shopping basket or keeping you logged in.