What is Object Oriented Programming?

(Marie) #1

The computing world has long since evolved the lifestyle of once homo sapien into more civilized and well informed creature with the aid of computers along with its programs. One of the most used programming is called Object Oriented Programming.
OOP or Object Oriented Programming is a type of programming that involves dragging and dropping of objects to set a user interface on your platform. One of the key elements in an OOP design is an Object, it is anything real or abstract where you can store both data and operations where you can store data. Objects can be buttons, shape dropdown menus and etc. These can be incorporated with a value which is called Instance.
In a much similar way of using CSS or Cascading Style Sheet, OOP can also use a Class which serves as an implementation used on multiple objects with same structure and behavior.
OOP, just like any other programming language, undergoes program development life cycle to outline each step needed to be undertaken to build software applications.

(Kim) #2

In addition, Object Oriented Programming has three constructs. Encapsulation allows an object to have data and functionality. Through this, a trigger set on the object may execute a series of conditional statements and functions. All this happens without necessarilly showing the specific algorithms and procedures on how the operation operates from the user.
Inheritance deals with the usage of classes and subclasses. Lastly Polymorphism allows an instruction to be given to an object in a generalized rather than specific detailed command.