What Is The Difference Between A Coder, A Developer, A Programmer, And A Software Engineer?

(fey tom) #1

I am a newbie programmer, I joined this community a few months ago, I heard about these job titles (A Coder, A Developer, A Programmer, And A Software Engineer) for many times, now I wonder what is the exact difference between all these job titles.
Does anyone have an answer?

(Rick) #2

Some would say that adhering to development cycles and design patterns make you more of an engineer. Knowing what methodology to use in particular situations things like that. However, in 20 years as a developer I have used them all interchangeably. Nowadays I usually just say Software Developer in casual conversation and Software Engineer if I want to sound a little professional. These terms are more concise than developer, programmer, code cowboy or script junkie. If I say developer they might think I build houses. A Programmer could work at CNN deciding which shows come on next :slight_smile:

Really though, the main difference is that after you spend a year or so creating Enterprise software that is the backbone of a multi-million dollar company you begin to think of yourself as more than just a programmer.