You are welcome to introduce yourself here!


(Daniel) #1

Hi everyone, My name is Daniel and i’m a 20 years old male from Belgium. I’ve taken an interest in this website and have decided to stick around. I do very much working with computers, and am always keen on learning more.
I hope to meet many similar people here, and am looking forward to getting to know everyone.

I love being at the base of a community, that’s why i’ve decided to join this website while it’s still growing.



(Yassine) #2

Welcome on board @Daniel, hope you find the community you are looking for in here :slight_smile:

(Yassine) #3

(Party Pal) #5

Hi daniel ive decided to follow your advice :stuck_out_tongue:
My name is Pedro AKA Party Pal and i am from portugal.

im 17 years old and am just now finishing up high school. im not sure what i’m going to study after this but I bet it will be computer related, I love gaming and anime.


(1337_BOT) #6

Okay here goes, I am “lolol”. I like being anonymous on websites like this so I tend not to use my real name. You can call me Larry if you want to, although I prefer lolol as username.
I dig technical stuff and am always looking for websites like this to learn from and maybe help sum others haha.