Adding New Category to share free styles, Themes and Templates for WPF!

Nice Template @Yassine I just love your style and the way you write XAML.

and I would love to suggest to have some place (category mostly) where users can share their pre-made styles, templates and themes for WPF, and maybe other frameworks as well.

What do you think of that @Yassine ?


Hi @sam,

I just moved your post into a separate topic to preserve the other topic’s quality (as this is a bit off subject). And of course so that we can discuss this openly in here within “Site Feedback” category.

First of All, thanks for your compliment, I am doing my best :slight_smile:
Secondly concerning your idea, Yes I Totally agree, we have that in mind for few weeks now.

According to the way things work within Stopbyte, Since you’ve been the first one to suggest this openly you will have the honer to manage that new Category :blush:

So what do you think the new sub-category should be called?

I guess should start with a sub category for WPF alone, and then expand to other categories if the idea have been successful.

I suggest something like: “WPF” :arrow_right: "Styles, Templates & Themes"


Really loved that idea, as for the name “Styles, Templates & Themes” should be perfect as it mentions almost everything needed. but why not just making it “Styles”?!

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I get your point @jms the short name “Styles” idea sounds tempting, but unfortunately it’s not dummy proof :slight_smile: and not that ind of as global as we want it.

As in WPF there are Styles, Templates (which can be used separately or within a Style e.g. DataTemplate, ControlTemplate…etc), and then there are full Themes. Maybe someone wants to share his entire Theme for free :slight_smile: while someone else wants to share just a Button ControlTemplate & Style. and you can share your own ListBox Items DataTemplate.

but since the idea has been suggested by @sam lets wait and see what he thinks.

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I totally agree to that title :slight_smile:
Sorry, been away for a while…

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