Can I Deploy SQL Server On Linux Environment?


(afree) #1

Hi folks,

For security reasons I have to deploy Web API on a Linux Server. As well as the backend database SQL Server should be deployed within Linux environment. please help if anyone knows about it.


(SAM) #2

For Microsoft SQL Server deployment on Linux, is on beta testing at the moment. so not really recommended for production.

For the time being you’ll have to use MySQL + PHP or keep using Windows Server.

(Tas Dever) #3

Since SQL Server is not fully functional in Linux yet. You can connect to your backend SQL Server through an intermediate Linux Server API in between, something like this:

  1. Configure a Windows Server machine to host SQL Server for you, and allow it to connect to a single Server maybe a private server within same network without having a public IP that way it’s secure and private.
  2. Build an API using PHP, Node.js or your favorite framework within a Linux Server machine, the API will be responsible of filtering your API requests, and syncing them with your SQL Server.
  3. You can now send all your requests to that Linux Server, and it’s going to forward your requests to the backend SQL Server Database.