Can't recieve and install the latest version of windows 10 desktop

I haven’t been able to install the latest version of windows yet, and I do want to stay up to date with what Microsoft has in store for us, it’s also a matter of not wanting complications with programs or games because i’m missing out on updates.

I know it’s just 1 now, but if this won’t be solved, in a few months i’ll be missing tons of updates and eventually this will cost me. Looking for a solution!

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Some time ago, a big update was released but a lot of people were unable to get it for some reason, so first lets see if you’re part of that group.

Go to your start menu and look for “winver”, you’ll see your build number. If yours is on 10240 then you’re part of that group I was talking about. Please check this for me and hit me back with your build number.

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I am indeed at 10240 like you said. I’m awaiting further instructions, whilst feeling relieved that you already know what my problem is :slight_smile: .

  • Okay first of all download a Media Creation Tool HERE.

  • Run the app and use it to upgrade your PC, you’ll see an installation screen, check the installer is about to install the correct windows 10 (Either home or pro version) and also make sure to check that the installer is to keep your personal files and apps intact.

  • Hit install and let it run, all your data and files will remain and nearly all your settings will still be like they were when you left them. Run through it all and your problem should be solved.

Doing this once will prevent everything you were afraid was going to happen, even though I don’t think you’d be at that big of a risk. I know people who never install updates or reboot and their systems are doing fine. Nonetheless it can’t hurt to be safe rather than sorry, right?

Hope this helps you.


I know a few people who have had this happen as well, sometimes it’s a matter of rebooting and manually starting the updates. Although Daniel’s explanation is sure to solve your problem as well this way of checking and installing available updates is a lot faster and may be a viable first choice next time you run into a problem like this,

Partypal: I know a few people who have had this happen as well, sometimes it’s a matter of rebooting and manually starting the updates

The problem with this is that this specific update went wrong and wasn’t recieved by a lot of people, and that caused any further updates to automaticly fail. So rebooting wouldn’t help in this case, but if he wasn’t stuck on this specific build version I would indeed have suggested him to just reboot and do a manual update search.

Thanks for your imput!