Difference between HTML and HTML 5

(Rekha) #1

What is the difference between HTML and HTML 5? What new features added in HTML5?

(Kim) #2

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the primary language of the internet. Over time many variations of HTML has been released and eventually HTML 5 was born. Its aim is to provide better experience to developers and the end-users, by extension. It also addresses the limitations and gaps that weren’t covered by other releases. One big distinctive feature between the two is that HTML5 has a high-level audio and video support which cannot be at par with previous versions. It simplified the process of creating web pages by improving error handling, a great reduce on scripting and opted to markups and less dependency on plugins. Less plugins mean that HTML5 allows smoother browsing and content delivery. With it, web pages can also display more fonts with a wider array of colors, shadows, and other effects.