How Can I Be Successful In Computer Programming?

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How Can I Be Successful In Computer Programming domain?

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  • Computer Programming is a very hard work, it requires being an organized person, which means that every programmer must follow some rules made by him self.

These are some rules I’ve prepared:

Don’t be too clever

Being clever is clarity’s enemy, you should write an easily understandable code, no matter how clever it may be while it does the same function, you must remember this because it’s really important, when ever you think before writing some code then you should know that you are writing a code that’s not particularly clear and that you are writing a code that’s particularly clever.

Here is another mistake most programmers usually do, some times they write a clear code, Unfortunately, that code wasn’t the subject, this error is common among the newbie programmers.
Believe it or not clever is the enemy of clear.

                                      More Codes=More Bugs

##Never write only when it’s necessary
our job is writing code of course but only when we do absolutely have to, there are few programmers that always like to show off, by writing codes they don’t even have to, why? because they want to show to their workmates how clever they but in the end, they do always fail when they try to work on complicated codes.

This does not mean making our codes as compact as possible or naming all the variables using single letters of the alphabet. But that will be against the rule above (don’t be too clever). What this does really mean is that you should write codes that are actually necessary to implement the functionality that is required.
more codes mean more chances for bugs and More codes to be preserved.

  • The great software developer does not write a code only when he has to.

  • The great software developer delete as much as possible of codes.

                                        Showing Off=Fail

Know what’s the function of your code

This may sound obvious but I can sure you, it’s not.

There are few programmers don’t even know what their codes suppose to do.

There is a software called Practicing test driven development (TDD) it’s helpful because it shows you what your code will do even before you run it, unfortunately, it still possible that you’ll create the wrong thing.

If you don’t know the function of your code how will you know if it is working how do you know that the code worked?!

                                       Wrong Code=Wrong Thing

Never stop learning something new

You must learn something new at least every day, because if you don’t you will forget some of what you know about codes, or you will miss something, just like a memory card it does always need to be refreshed.
It won’t take much of your time only 15 minutes for every day will be enough, every new stuff you learn will activate your brain.

                            Learning New=Active Brain

Do what you love

Everyone chooses the job he Loves, so don’t you became a programmer only because it pays well, but you should believe that coding is fun, and that you are doing it because you love it and because it’s your dream.

Perhaps, we should remind you how fun coding is, because you may be forgotten that.

All you need to know is that you are doing the job you love and you are even paid for it.

                        Job's Love=BetterWork