How can i remove the Drop down button from telerik:RadDatePicker in WPF?

I am using telerik:RadDatePicker within my WPF Application, and want to Remove the Drop Down Button,

I know i should regenerate the template and remove it there, but unfortunately Visual Studio 2015 some how disables the “Edit a Copy” menu for the RadDatePicker, so i can’t generate the template, tried to find one ready online, but all those i found have some weird dependencies that do not feat with mine.

Any help with be appreciated.


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The only easy/clean way to do that is to try to find the Template somewhere and use/change it to suit your needs.

Or a hack solution, would be to Inherit from the control, and Override the OnTemplateChanged method, and then Set the button known as “PART_DropDownButtonVisibility=Hidden, that should do the trick also.

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