How to build a cross platform mobile app using C# with no experience?

I am a C#, HTML and Java programmer,
i’ve been developing programs for some time now, and i am considering to move into Phone Apps development. But i can’t decide the best way for me to develop apps for smart phone yet, i am still not highly experience at programming… i tried Android Studio, it looks straightforward but the IDE itself is a bit large and slow, and Java is not my Personal favorite programming language, Thus i was wondering if there are any alternatives, and preferably C# if possible?

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I would suggest using some HTML based solution that way, it will be platform independent and you can run your app everywhere iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Something like Electron will work best for you.

i think you should use some Cross-Platform Solution Either HMTL, or as you prefer C#, but through some other 3rd Party Plugins and framework such as Xamarin, it’s the best tool to develop Cross-platform Apps for Smart phone through Visual Studio, you can get a free license easily to start building your first apps.

But as you said you are a bigenner i guess it will be best that you only focus on a single platform and build your apps with the things you already familiar with C# and Visual Studio without any extra 3rd Party Frameworks or Plugins. and focus mainly on Windows Phone. You can read about UWP (Universal Windows App) which allows you to build Apps that can run on both Desktop and Phone.

This Link discusses all about the matter and all possible solutions:

Other than that I would really suggest that you take a look at HTML or Java frameworks, those are the future of cross-platform mobile apps.


Electron is a Desktop GUI framework, to make Cross Platform GUI Apps for Desktop using Node.js. But not for mobile apps.