How to Debug WCF Service Called from a WinRT (Windows Store) App in Visual Studio 2015?


(Kunni Can) #1

I am making a WinRT App (for Windows Store) in C# using Visual Studio 2015. the WinRT App accesses a SQL Server Database through a WCF Service. But the service is too buggy and i need to debug it alongside the Main WinRT Project. Is there anyway to do that?


(afree) #2

If i get what you need well enough, need to start both the WCF Service and the Client Project (in your case a WinRT project) i would suggest the following steps:

  • Make sure both Projects (the WCF Service one and the WinRT one) are fully loaded into same Solution.

  • in Solution Explorer Right-Click the Solution’s name.

  • Click “Set Startup Projects…”.

  • In “Solution Properties”, Check the “Multiple Startup Projects” Box.

  • In the Grid Below it, Multiple Startup Projects Grid. Go to both projects’ Action Column and Choose the “Start” Action.

  • Click OK or Apply.

That should work for you in Visual Studio 2015, And mostly it’s the same case for other Visual Studio Versions.