How to Import ASP.NET website project into Visual Studio from source Code files?


(Tas Dever) #1

I have the source code of a visual studio Website project, been made in Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web. but when i received the source code i couldn’t find the .sln file nor the .csproj file. so how can i open that source code in visual studio 2012 without those files.

(Yassine) #2

Try these easy steps:

  1. You can either create a new Empty Solution.

  2. Then Right Click on that solution in the Solution Explorer panel, and Select Add > Existing Website.

  3. Select your Website files.


  1. Go to “File” Menu.

  2. Select Add > Existing Project or Add > Existing Website (depending on which you have).

  3. Then select your website project files directory.

By the way, ASP.NET Website projects will appear as normal folders no Solution nor project files exist. all you have to do is Select the appropriate folder when prompted for that.

Hope that helps.

(Tas Dever) #3

I did those steps, but i get a “Choose project dialog” but it only gives me Folders not projects.

Why my Visual Studio can’t see my website project files?!! is it corrupted project? or something!

(Yassine) #4

Exactly, Folders are the projects. you only need to select the Folder where your Website project is and Click open.

I updated my answer adding more details.