How to install Gnome 3 on my Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop PC?


(jms) #1

Is there an easy way to install latest gnome 3 on ubuntu 16.04 desktop.

I hate the current default theme. and saw some screenshots of Gnome 3 and think it can do the job.

(isoftech) #2

Switch to your TTY1 using :Ctrl+Alt+F1.

You will be given a command line, Write this line and hit Enter:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop

that will install a package named “ubuntu-gnome-desktop”, and you can’t do that within your desktop.

After executing that command white for a moment to execute (it can take a long time), And you will be prompted to pick the desktop type you want, pick “gdm3”.

Once done execute:

sudo reboot

When restarted you will see the new look of your Ubuntu desktop.