How to install iTunes on Windows 10?


(Daniel) #1

This is a problem from a while back that has been bothering me for a while, seen as the users on this forum are very quick to reply and friendly to help I figured I might as well dump this one on you too. When I try to install Itunes I get the message “Apple Application Support was not found.”

I’m logged in as Administrator and have had Itunes installed on this computer before, a while back. I uninstalled it when I decided to user a different app but i’ve decided to switch back and am now running into this problem.

(1337_BOT) #2

Any chance you’re behind on Microsoft Windows updates? Check if you have all the latest updates and if not, install them.
Also make sure you’re downloading the latest version. You can get that version HERE.

You say you have had Itunes installed before, make sure you COMPLETELY uninstall and remove everything related to Itunes before trying to re-install it. Sometimes leftovers from a previous installation can be the cause of this problem.

Also check if there’s conflicting software that may prevent the installation, but this is usually not the case. My bet is on one of the above options.

Hope this helps.

(Daniel) #3

Thanks, @Lolol, the problem I think, turned out to be leftovers from my previous installation. I had to search manually for it and found some leftovers. The uninstallation process should probably have deleted that, but no matter now.

After I got rid of it, I used the download link you provided me and Itunes installed and ran without any further problems.