How to Show Hibernate Button in Windows 10 Start Menu?

(Kunni Can) #1

I upgraded from Windows 7 to windows 10, and now when i want to turn off my laptop, i couldn’t find the Hibernate button, i checked the settings and power options but couldn’t find anyway to restore it, i found a way to change the period of time to idle before hibernating…etc but nothing related to the hibernate button.

can you please guide me to activate the hibernate button? it’s really critical.

thanks in advance.

(Yay) #2

I upgraded to Windows 10 just couple days ago, and i encountered the same thing, let me know if you came across any solution. thx

(Yassine) #3

That’s very common scenario, but it’s not any big issue you can solve it following these steps:

  1. Either Press (Windows + X) or using click the right mouse button over the Windows Start menu Button.

  2. Click the “Power Options” item.

  3. In the left side of the Power Options window, you’ll see the “Choose what the power button does” Hyperlink, Click it.

  4. In the next window Go under the “Shutdown Settings” group, and Check “Hibernate” box.

  5. that’s it.

Notice: As for some PCs they don’t support the Hibernate mode so won’t be listed in Step #4, But in your case you said you had it already in your old Windows, so this should work.

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(It Soft) #5

This link was of great assistance to me, check it out:

hope it helps.

(Kunni Can) #6

@Yassine Many thanks :slight_smile: that solved my problem.

Read that @yay it should help :slight_smile: