How to use MySql in an ASP.NET project in a Windows server?


I need to make an ASP.NET website project, that is connected to MySQL instead of SQL server, i am not sure if my server has MySql or not.

so any help will be highly appreciated.

thanks in advance.


Well…First MySql Is free, so try to install it if your hosting allows that, check with your hosting provider to see if it allows Installing MySql or not, If not then there is no other option except changing your hosting provider.

As for MySql and SQL Server they are almost identical in many ways, so all you have to do is update your Connection string in the web.config if you have one.


Check with your web Hosting provider if they allow installing MySql and How they do it.

Here are some detailed articles on using MySql in ASP.NET i could find around the net:

Hope that helps!