Java - Eclipse - Runtime environment not found

Title says it all. I was programming when all of the sudden Eclipse deadlocked and told me my JRE can’t be found. What caused this??

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Hey lolol, welcome to the community, there’s already 2 people joining tonight!

Your error is quite simple, Java Runetime Environment (JRE) has updated.

So verson JRE version is now version, while the configuration is still at (if you know what I mean with this).

Just manually to to the settings of eclipse, go to your project configuration and manually set the JRE path right.
I remember getting this and not knowing what to do haha.

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hmm…had similar issue once, i re-installed JRE to get it solved.
It can also be an outdated JRE installation, or your Environment variable (PATH) is missed up.
In either cases if i were you i would certainly re-install/repair JRE first and hope that the installer does its job and get the issue fixed, that should be the easy way. Otherwise i would go to my Eclipse settings and play around with the Building/compiling configuration for my project, and check my PATH environment variable.

It would also be useful if you have other Java IDE’s in your machine that you can check to see if they give you a hint of what’s going wrong.

Oh my mennn thanks guys.

I’ve been working with Eclipse for so long and i’ve never had this before. Then again I don’t usually update my java, I hold off and do it manually, last time I rebooted this computer is a few months ago lol.

Well nonetheless you helped me, thanks guys. Think i’ll stick around on this website, seems fun.

See you around Dannyboi and you too Yassyboi.