My laptop keeps getting a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)


(Daniel) #1

I have a laptop, about a few years old, an Asus and it keeps getting a blue screen of death. Which of course annoys me to no end!

It’s running windows 7 i’m sure, and it happens when trying to play League of Legends.
Could it be that the game is causing it? I’ve also gotten it once whilst watching netflix and defragmenting one of my disks.
Any info would be apreciated!

Here is what it looks like:

(Party Pal) #2

Hi, i’ve been a lurker on this website for a while, but I finally found a thread that I can actually help on lol.

BSOD can have multiple causes, from driver or software failure to RAM boosting.

You say it happens when you play League of Legends, an issue i’m seeing with that is that sometimes drivers can be the cause of this. Do you have Nvidia drivers? Are they up to date?

(Daniel) #3

Hey there, you should make an introduction haha. Welcome to the community.

As for my issue, yes I have Nvidia drivers, and they are up to date (just checked for updates, none available).
What does RAM boosting mean?

(Party Pal) #4

okay one possibility down more to go. Uhhhhhhm RAM boosting means that your laptop has a very limited RAM (Random-access memory) which your computer uses to perform. If you’re doing several things at once, or if you’re using heavy programs or games that take the maximum effort out of your computer, your RAM may be so preocupied that it causes an error.

This is a very simple way of explaining, it’s a little bit more complicated than this, but it’s roughly what it comes down to.
You can check your RAM by viewing “performance” in your taskmanager.

(Daniel) #5

Okay thanks for that info, but once it happens I can’t very well look at my taskmanager can I… I’ve checked and discovered that I don’t have a lot of RAM on this cheap laptop (2GB) is there a way to get more? i’m thinking that the laptop is just too old to do these kinds of things on, I guess i’ll have to use it casually for simple things, any final tips on how to improve performance?

(Party Pal) #6

You can just monitor it to make sure you’re not using too much, it should at least help you prevent a new BSOD…

Uhmmm yeah you can just close programs you dont need and make sure your laptop isnt doing too many things at the same time. You can’t really get more RAM into a laptop, a computer has space for additional RAM (which you just buy in the store and cram in there) but laptops dont really have that.

So yeah i think you’re gonna have to take it easy with that laptop.