Pagination option of the custom view for Kintone

I’m currently looking through the Custom View Tutorial for Kintone that allows me to display my own defined tables using a library like datatables
Custom View Tutorial 2:

The tutorial explains the Pagination option of the custom view - I’m just wondering if it would be better to keep this option on, or just ignore it completely. If the latter, I guess I would be retrieving the record data using the Get Records API, and making a table out of that.
What are the pros and cons of developing this solution using the Pagination option?

If you use the pagenation option, an App’s record information will be stored in an event object.

(It is the same as the event object that shows record list view)

Like you want to change a way to display your data,
using the record within an app, when you display the custom view,

the use of the pagenation option will allow less process.
However, within the event option, only the record information listed in the view screen is stored.

Therefore, if you want to utilize the entire record,
you will need to get the record information that is not shown using API

I have not used the library “Datatables”, but
since the number of records that are inside the App to be displayed per page is up to 100 records, the information using the pagenation should be sufficient.The record display upon sorting and searching might require the record information using API.

Hope it helps.



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Hi, Junko
Thank you for your reply, I understand now.
Since I want to implement incremental search function using datatables,
I will disable the pagination option, and use REST API for getting info of all records.