Software Engineering: Programmer's Crisis on Software Development

(Kim) #1

What crisis/challenges does a programmer face on software development?

(Marie) #3

There is a whole lot of story behind the front end interface of that application that you are using other than sleepless nights and caffeine fueled midnight debugging of the programmers and developers responsible for it. Before a software is to be released, it should have met several tests and metrics in order to make sure that it really works out the way it is design to be and all errors has been handled seamlessly. Here are some challenges that Programmers and Developers face amidst software engineering:

  1. Problem in Documentation
    This is one of the most common challenges that developers face on project development due to the fact that not everyone has been born with an inborn inclination on writing. As if finding the right set of codes and algorithm to use on your project is not difficult as it is, one must also find the right words to properly document what your software is made to do and basically everything around it. Apart from it, having to explain program executions into words which has too many technical processes can be a really mind boggling task.

  2. Problem in Compatibility
    The computing world as we already know is one fast-paced dimension where new things start to emerge even before the diminish of the other. In a matter of years (or even months) new codes, systems, computer brands and models may begin to sprout and in line with this, developers must make sure that their project will have the ability to be exactly the same version without having unnecessary changes or committing any errors.

  3. Problem in Portability
    This consideration centers on being able to run a program smoothly on other operating system aside the one where it is worked from without any rework needed. In order to fulfill this, developers must find a link between the logic of the application and the different system interfaces to where it can be installed or used.

  4. Problem of Proper Maintenance
    Software maintenance is also a major consideration in software engineering. This plays a vital role in keeping the software up and running. While on the course of the software development life cycle, programmers must be thinking ahead and futuristic in order to cover possible break points and improve the quality of the output which in turn should reduce maintenance cost after the project turnover.

  5. Problem in Software Piracy
    Piracy of software is a serious issue globally. Unauthorized copying, selling and using of programs and applications weaken the industry, if the statistics on this matter continue to go up, it will ripple a very unfortunate series of events which can affect not only the industry itself but the economy as a whole. The developers end can only do so much regarding this matter but currently laws and regulations governing intellectual property rights and copyright is enforced to protect developers from this issue.

While the above mentioned challenges already pose quite a handful of things to consider, surely there still are several issues left tucked under the sheets in the field of software development life cycle.