Visual Studio 2015 Setup Project Error: "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation"


(afree) #1

Hi there,

I am trying to build a Windows Setup Project on windows forms in my Visual Studio v2015… The building process used to go fine, but now after adding few more files it’s started failing with this error in the output window:

“Not enough storage is available to complete this operation”

I tried unloading the project file & the entire solution but no success… I checked my Hard Disk, and I can see there is enough storage space… so have no clue what’s that error is for!

P.S. I am building a Windows Forms Project, but the one crushing is a Windows Setup project.

(jms) #2

That issue was supposedly fixed on Visual Studio 2008, but apparently it’s not.

You can try these fixes:

1. Restart Visual Studio: That’s the fastest and easiest fix.
2. Make sure to shutdown all other heavy processes, chrome…etc
3. Restart Your PC.

If none of that works then try this:

1. Windows basically is pre-configured to use lower 2GB for user space apps (in this case Visual Studio) so you can increase that to Visual Studio and other apps as well… by reconfiguring the boot.ini file…
Add this “/3GB” to it.
2. Remove any unnecessary DLLs or large files from the setup project.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: