Visual Studio 2015 XAML Autocomplete is not working for UWP project?

I have a Universal Windows Platform project created in Visual Studio 2015. which uses C# as backend language, and XAML obviously as the front-end UI framework language all within .NET framework 4.6 version.

At random times when coding or editing the project, the XAML autocomplete doesn’t work anymore, (not showing any UI controls, Converters, Styles…etc) and only shows these weird basic XML item suggestions:

!–, [!CDATA[ and ?

What is causing this behavior? and how can be fixed without restarting Visual Studio?


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That is mainly a bug in Visual Studio mostly, it’s really known in WPF & UWP XAML.

There is no straightforward solution, but here are few suggestions from the easiest (least impact) to hardest (most impacting):

  1. Close and re-open the .xaml file.

  2. Unload & Reload the concerned Visual Studio Project.

  3. Try Terminating the XDesProc.exe process from your task manager.
    That will crash the design view for your open XAML files, but don’t let that scare you. click “Reload designer…” and the design view will be working again. Your changes won’t be lost at all.

  4. Unload the entire Visual Studio solution.

  5. Restart Visual Studio.

  6. Worst case, restart your PC :slight_smile: just kidding that won’t be needed (but just in case since it’s Windows 10 you never know).

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