What Are The Health Problems Of A Programmer?

(yane sine) #1

I know that the programmers face some serious illness, I am wondering what are these diseases and why the programmers are the most susceptible to these diseases.
Does any one have the answer?

(fey tom) #2

Yes, you are right most programmers face dangerous diseases, unfortunately, but some people consider the job of a programmer as the easiest job ever.
####Well here are some health problems of a programmer
#####1.The back problems
Most programmers, while they work, they feel a terrible pain in their back, and that probably because they are using uncomfortable seats, this pain specifically targets the lower spine.
The best way to stop back ache’s nightmare is by choosing the ideal seat for your health.
#####2.Eye problems
Many programmers as you see these days are wearing glasses, that’s because they are suffering from some visual impairment such as poor eyesight.
This happens because these programmers are not too careful for their eyes, they spend the entire day gazing at their computers screens, and their eyes became more sensitive.
If a programmer wants to cure him self and be able to read what’s on the screen, he must use some medical glasses.
“Prevention is better than cure” that is why you should do this so as not to regret later, increase your font size so you don’t have to squint, and you may want to look away from your computer from time to time, to rest your eyes.

#####3. The Bacteria’s Disadvantages
I do believe that almost all programmers in the world do not know this.
The bacterias exist in our desks, much more than our toilets, as the studies confirmed.
The reason is that we ate at our desks without cleaning it, this type of bacteria called bacteria cafeterias.
So remember always clean up your desks, before it turns to bacteria cafeterias.

#####4.The stress problems
Stress can be a problem in work no matter how physical your daily activities are, but those who exercise themselves on a job can actually use some of their activities to relieve stress. If you are chained to an office, however, you may be likely to have stress-related explosions.
#####5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’s Problem
when you repeat the same move over and over again with your fingers you will definitely feel pain or you will get an injury.
You should know that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t only that pain you feel or that injury you get, it is all those annoying things such as, the tingling, itching, numbness or even that pain you feel when you squeeze the nerve that runs through the forearm by swollen ligaments and bones in the wrist.
#####6. Other Problems
It is obvious that the human body needs to move, it was meant to move, but unfortunately, some programmers do not actually realize that.
the with its nature can not live without moving from time to time that is why staying in one position for a long while can make your joints feel tight.
“tight hip flexors can actually contribute to back pain as well since tight hips force the pelvis to tilt forward, compressing the back,” Yoga Journal says.
your health is priceless, and can not be replaced so keep it up because it is our responsibility.
And to be able to write all that you want you should try to give your fingers a rest between each two copies