What are top 5 most in demand programming languages?

of course there are many coding languages but the question is, which one must you use as for aspiring engineers and the beginners as well, and any one else who wants to delve into this area, does any one knows what are the most in-demand coding languages? so the beginners would know which language should they start with.


Hi Fath, here are the five most in-demand coding languages:

  1. Python: As a general-purpose programming language used by Instagram,Reddit, and Venmo,It has been classified the first programming languages in terms of demand Its first appearance was in 1991 and has become famous among data experts.

  2. Java: Java was first released in 1995, as a versatile language, after its first launch Java was developed by Sun Microsystems which was a Silicon Valley company.

  3. JavaScript: JavaScript used heavily in websites functions, It is also used by 90% in web pages.

  4. C#: Or C-sharp, this language been used mainly by Microsoft that’s why whenever you find Apple you won’t find C#.

  5. PHP: It is also a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language, it is especially suited for web development It can be included in HTML.


Of course, there are many programming languages, the important is to know which one to use, and to know the difference between them.
That is why I made this list for you about the top five programming languages.
You should know that this list is in change all the time, that depends on what the community needs, unfortunately, every single need leads to another, which means that every language leads to the other.
##1. SQL

in my opinion, SQL is the best coding language because it was basically designed to manage data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS).
and it can be used for stream processing in a relational data stream management system (RDSMS).
It was one of the greatest commercial languages in the whole world, and it has been the first one for Edgar F. Codd’s relational model, this is what makes it the most widely used database language.
##2. Java

Java is the most popular language in the world, this language will be really useful for business, you’d better learn it now before everything else.
It is too popular because it believes in the “write-once-run-anywhere” philosophy that makes it compatible with any platform, because of this philosophy Java was perfect for Android’s fragmented ecosystem of numerous OS versions, builds, customizations, and vendors.
##3. PHP

This is the wildest used language in websites, almost 80% of websites were basically built using PHP.
PHP developers will remain in high demand in the foreseeable future because of its quality.
##4. JavaScript

It looks just like SQL, it is mainly used for front-end development, any other language needs this one around as for; Java, PHP, or even C#. which means that all kinds of programmers must know this programming language.
##5. C++

It is a wonderful programming language standardized by an ISO working group known as JTC1/SC22/WG21, C++ supports four types of memory management: static storage duration objects, thread storage duration objects, automatic storage duration objects, and dynamic storage duration objects, as in C programming language.
C ++ has two main components: direct drawing of hardware features provided primarily by C group, and zero abstractions based on those assignments.