What is a Software Prototype?

(Marie) #1

Are there any disadvantages on on working with software prototypes?

(Kim) #2

Prototypes are partially developed software that enables end-users and developers to examine software product and determine the final look of the project and which features should be included on the finish product.

This process has advantages including:

  • The end user plays an active role in defining the human-computer interaction and can really feel the product.

  • Usability of the design is tested by end users so efficiency is high.

  • New processes and systems with no manual work to be compared with can be accommodated on this type of model.

Disadvantages of Prototyping:

  • Software requirements are not explicitly stated.

  • Time consuming which in turn results to more expenses

  • May result to unlimited development time depending on the requirements that stacks once end user sees the output.