What is the ' (Apostrophe) symbol code in HTML?

(Sine) #1

I can’t input the ’ (Apostrophe) symbol int my Wordpress Theme Customization panel.

What is the ’ (Apostrophe) symbol code in HTML that might work in Wordpress?

thanks in advance for any help.

(Kunni Can) #2

use this code "'" that should display '. (remove the Quotes “”)

(afree) #3

You can try these HTML codes "'" or "'"

(Sine) #4

So guys @afree @KunniCan

which one is best to use "'" or "'" or "'" Is there any difference?!

(Yassine) #5

I personally prefer to use shortened abbreviations as are easier to remember "'" as an abbreviation for Apostrophe.

But other than that i don’t think there is any difference between the three codes.

(Yassine) #6

As discussed in the posts above, it should be better for you to use "'" as it’s easier to remember compared to "'" and "'" (abbreviation of Apostrophe) Same case for the rest of Symbols in HTML.

In case you are welling to learn more symbols take a look at these tables: