What is the Difference between WPF and UWP and WinRT?


(Yay) #1

i started recently learning UWP, and i see that it’s just WPF or same as it at least, with some little differences, and while reading about UWP i usually encounter this Keyword “WinRT” defined as being a Microsoft Technology that is related to UWP. but none of the articles i’ve read gives a clear idea of what is WinRT. nor the Difference between WPF and UWP.

Can anyone please be generous to explain that to me.


(Kunni Can) #2

You can find multiple answers under this topic:

Almost everything is covered in that topic about all the five different technologies, so better you read that one first and see if it answers your question or not.

(jms) #3

WPF: (Windows Presentation Foundation)

Is a windows desktop framework within .Net Framework starting from v3.0. WPF uses XAML language for its UI drawing, and C# or VB.NET as a back-end programming language.

UWP: (Universal Windows Platform)

It’s a new and evolved “universal” framework targeting Windows 10 (both Desktop & Phone). Universal windows apps are able to run on all devices running Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, Tablet, XBox…etc).

By the way UWP is an improved/evolved framework built on top of WinRT (which was introduced on Windows 8.1). But WinRT is not universal (cross device) like UWP.