What's The Best Way To Learn Programming?

(danny rok) #1

There are many ways to learn how to program, and I am asking for the best ones is there anyone who has some answers, or uses a good way.

(zender fathi) #2

Hi, I have some answers for your question.
Learning Coding in few days may seem an impossible job, you think that it takes months and maybe years to do that, I can sure that you are wrong the only mistake you do is picking the wrong way to learn how to Code.

These are some ways I use and some other ways I just know.

The best way I use is learning the simple codes as a start, then going up in the levels.
You may want to use some websites, my advice to you is to not to, you must be fully prepared for what you are about to do. not physically but psychologically and mentally, and that is because coding needs an open mind and a good mental health.

Here are the first steps of learning how to code:

####1.Determination and Well
any one must have the determination and the well if he wants to be good in some job, why? because without the determination and the will you will quit the job, you will just give up When you feel tired.
If you want to continue your work with no surrender, just try this before you give up always think why you didn’t all this time.
So, whenever a code can’t be run don’t quit, whenever a program can’t be installed don’t stop there, just try a different way to download.
####2. Do not fill your mind with useless things
Most people always fill their minds with useless stuff like playing games all the day or using social media most of the time without doing any useful things, for example, reading even reading contains the useful and the useless as for the magazines and the book of science.
let’s say that the human brain is just like the memory when the memory is full with Trivial stuff it won’t be there any space available for the good gainful things.
####3. Have all of what you need
Maybe this title is not very clear, do not worry, just keep reading and you’ll understand.
We are living in a world where every thing is possible but only if you got the means if you got the money you can buy, you can build, if you got Authority you can rule.
In Coding, you must have equity capital to build the base of your works, and you need tools as well.
Just a little advice always keep some money in your pocket because you never know until it comes, The Bankruptcy.
##Start the next level:
####1.Start with easy Codes
Every thing is a step by step, not a step then a big jump as some software developers do.
We can say that coding is completely like building it goes from the base to the top a level by another,
not from the base to the top directly, that is obvious, even in the games you can’t pass the levels, you can’t go strictly from level 1 to level 8 because you will fail at level 8 it’s the same thing in writing Codes, how will you do if you start directly with writing the complicated codes? The answer is too clear YOU WILL FAIL.
####2.Try to use books
Learning how to code needs your full focus, and using books guarantees that to you.
While using the net do not guarantee any thing only the destruction, here is an example, when you use the net it is impossible to not use some social media, won’t you be distracted these things? YES, you are your total focus will be on these social media, which means you Won’t learn any thing.

If you have chosen to use websites try to subscribe in communities, subscribing only won’t solve the problem, you should be an active member in those communities.
Active means Learning

(fey one) #3

Every thing is possible, but nothing is easy.
Learning a new programming language is too hard, but that does not mean that it can not be done.
All that you need is just some hardworking, that’s why I have prepared this list to show you how to learn a new programming language.
####1. Be committed to that language
If you want to learn a new programming language, you should be committed to it.
That will be by learning it alone, which means that must never try to learn two languages together because that won’t work you need to focus on only one language to be good at it.
Your life must be only about that language that you mean to learn, nothing else because it may distract you away from your purpose.
####2. Try to use what you learned
It is important to applicate what you have learned in that programming language, by running simple programs using that language you are learning and that must be daily so not forget the language
####3. Activity is important
To learn a programming language quickly you should be an active programmer and an active member in communities, just like this one.
Don’t try to show off by trying some largely complicated codes just stay with the simple ones, or you will get lost in the language with more the bugs.