What's The Equivalent Of C uint8_t Type In C#?


Same question as the one I’ve posted before, Just concerning a different Type this time.

I am wondering what would be the equivalent type to uint8_t in C#? I thought I saw similar types once within .NET (Either VB.NET or C#) but can’t find it, and Visual Studio Suggestions are clueless.

Any help would be appreciated.

many thanks!

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The equivalent of uint8_t in C# is byte or System.Byte.

Here is a full list of similar C Types and their equivalents in C# :

  • uint8_t equivalent to :point_right: byte or Byte (unsigned byte).
  • int8_t equivalent to :point_right: byte or SByte (signed byte).
  • uint16_t equivalent to :point_right: ushort (unsigned short).
  • int16_t equivalent to :point_right: short (signed short).
  • uint32_t equivalent to :point_right: uint (unsigned integer).
  • int32_t equivalent to :point_right: int (signed integer).

hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

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