Where to find the WindowsAPICodePack Dependencies for toast notifications?

(isoftech) #1

I’ve downloaded an example project for toast notifications made by Microsoft, but when i opened the project in VS2015 i found that it has some missing dependencies named


When i visited the link provided by Microsoft i ended up into a “Retired” page, that library doesn’t exist anymore, where can i find it?

(Yassine) #2

Unfortunately those Libraries were removed by Microsoft, And are not Officially available nor Maintained anymore, so it’s highly recommended that you avoid using them, and use some other alternatives, such us using pure WinRT or UWP frameworks instead of classic WPF.

(Sine) #3

I found these libraries in NuGet through Google search:

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack-Shell

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack-ShellExtensions

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack-Sensors

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack-Core

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack-ExtendedLinguisticServices

Though i am sure you wont need them all, just install the ones required by your project.

Or you can install a full package at ones like this one below:

Install-Package WindowsAPICodePack


Those Nuget Packages aren’t released officially by Microsoft anymore, those were uploaded by some individuals who had the copies. so use them at your own risk.

(Yassine) #4

I wouldn’t personally do that on a production Application, but I’m going to mark this as a solution since it answers the exact question.