Why hard disk storage space is eaten up when running Visual Studio?


(Kunni Can) #1


I’ve noticed lately a weird behavior when running Visual Studio, All my C: Disk space is eaten up, i have about 200GB in my C: partition, but after i upgraded to Windows 10, over 50GB was eaten up, then when i run Visual Studio it eats what’s left. now i only have around 10GB free, and it’s decreasing and increasing whenever i run visual studio.

What is causing this thing? and is it possible to stop it? thanks!

(It Soft) #2

That’s a common issue with visual Studio, especially Visual Studio 2010.

Visual Studio 2010, if it has intellsense Enabled, it will create some Debugging Dummy files in your Hard disk and unfortunately after some couple months of Debugging those files can take up all your hard disk space. so try from time to time to delete those files.

This is the directory where Visual Studio 10, stores those files.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Visual Studio\10.0\TraceDebugging

As for other Versions of Visual Studio i don’t think they have those dummy files, but they have some sort of Package cashing. and Temporary files.

it’s always nice to clean your temporary folders after couple weeks of your computer usage in the %tmp% and temp directories.

  • Press Windows Button + R.
  • Type in %tmp%.
  • Make sure all Applications running are turned off before this.
  • Delete all files and folders in that directory.
  • Repeat the same thing for “temp” directory at Step #2.