Why Is Java Considred One Of The Best Languages In The World?

Why Is Java Considered One Of The Best Languages In The World?


There are many reasons to consider Java as one of the best programming languages in the whole world.

Here is a list I made about that.
1. A rich API: Java has a very rich API, Java API provides almost everything you need in development such as I / O, networking, utilities, database connection etc.

2. An independent free platform: This is what makes Java very popular, an independent platform was a great idea. the thing that attracted many developers to Java was its logo “write once run anywhere”

3. A big great collection of Open Source Libraries: Java development is very easy, faster and more cost-effective and the reason is due to the contribution of large organizations such as Apache, Google, and others to add a lot of big great libraries.

4. An amazing Community and Documentation: Java is interested in helping the newbie Java programmers even the expert ones, And that’s by providing a Java community to help beginners, advanced and even expert Java programmers. Java is keen to encourage programmers and guide them in their career. even that the advances are provided for free at various Java forums and StackOverflow.
that is a great service, it gives a lot of confidence to a novice in Java.

5. Java is much easier to learn: This is the main reason behind people’s heading towards Java and behind its been the best language in the whole world. Java is the easiest language to be learned thanks to its simplicity.

**6. Some of the most powerful development tools:**Java has some power powerful development tools, such as Eclipse and Netbeans, these two development tools do not help only in codes completing but they provide an amazing debugging capability as well, and that’s necessary function must be existent in each and every development tool. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) made Java development much easier, faster and fluent, even that it’s easy to refactor and read code using IDEs.
Java’s platform also has many development tools for example Maven and ANT for building Java applications, decompilers, JConsole, Visual VM for monitoring Heap usage…

7. Java is a freely available software: All the people like free things, so if a newbie programmer wants to start his career must he lose his money first? NO, he must not, you don’t need to pay anything to create Java apps.

8.Java’s documentation support: Java has an excellent documentation support called Javadocs it is a great function by Java, it can show you lot of things about Java API. In my opinion without Javadocs Java won’t be that much popular.

  • You will find Java anywhere, on a card, on the desktop, on mobile, it’s programmers as well are spread throughout the world because it’s great services.
  • Java must be considered as the best language in the world because it keeps seeking to delight its developers.