Why Windows 10 Upgrade Installation Process, hangs/Freezes at 20% (Copying files 58%)?


(isoftech) #1

I tried recently to Upgrade my windows 7, to Windows 10 using the upgrade tool, but when the installation process reaches the 20% (at stage Copying files 58%) it hangs there forever, i kept waiting for over 2 hours then i decided to turn off the machine.

did anyone of you encounter similar issue?
do you have any tips to solve it?
I wan’t to keep all my old files and applications so any helpful tip will be mostly appreciated.


(afree) #2

I believe that can happen for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have so many files in your old System, but yet you disabled the Windows Indexer:
    It’s always a good choice to Activate the Windows Indexer, as that will keep indexing your files at runtime, and will reduce the time needed to search, access, read your files and content afterwards, for sure that will reduce your PC performance a little bit but i guess in your case it’s worth it.

  2. You have so many files in your old system and a slow PC:
    Even if the indexer is activated, that might be a problem.

  3. You don’t have enough free disk space.

In the first two cases the problem isn’t that big, in fact i encountered both cases and the solution was to just leave my PC turned on for a while, the installation process in my case took over 16 hours, but it finally completed and my data wasn’t damaged at all. that thought me to never deactivate the Indexing process again.

(Kunni Can) #3

I believe that’s normal thing, especially if you disabled the indexing service in your old system. the only solution i can suggest is just leave it as it is, and give it some hours til it finishes.