Windows 10 Disk Burner Error Code 0x80004005

Hi there,

I am getting this error in Windows 10, while trying to burn a DVD disk:

The disk image didn’t burn successfully because an error occurred. (Error code 0x80004005).

I tried re-burning multiple times but getting the same exact error.


I believe that same error has been discussed in another thread:

As a sum up of the selected answer from that thread; That error code (0x80004005) mainly refers to an “ACCESS DENIED”. AKA. something is preventing the disk burner from accessing either the disk itself or the files you are trying to burn into it.


  1. Disable your Antivirus or Firewall till you finish burning your disk image.
  2. Check your CD after burning, sometimes even if that error is shown it doesn’t mean the operation hasn’t finished. mainly it can fail during the verification stage, for that you can try unchecking “Verify disk after burning”.

I had similar error, multiple times on Windows 10.
But really it was nothing, after I checked my DVD found all the files in there.
thus; maybe like @Yassine said, it’s the verification process that’s failing.