Windows Disc Image Burner (Error code 0X80004005)

I am having a bad day to burn my ISO to a DVD using the Windows Disc Image Burner tool.

I tried using other third party software but I get less informative and vaguer errors. So decided to keep using the Windows Disc Image Burner.

whenever I run it I get this error:

"The disk image didn’t burn successfully because an error occurred. (Error code 0X80004005)."

I can’t figure out why it won’t work, I tried many kinds of DVDs and CDs but none really worked (to burn the ISO). I burned many ISOs before but now I don’t know what’s going on.

Can anyone give me a hint?


There are two possible causes for your problem:

  • Your DVD Drive is not working well, or doesn’t support the DVD disc types you use:
    for that, you will need to check with your device manufacturer or get some assistance from some local technician.

  • Your Antivirus is blocking the access to the DVD content at verification stage:
    The Error code 0x8000400 means Access Denied and usually happens at verification stage. probably you need to check your DVD it probably has already your content burned. In either case "Deactivate your Antivirus File System Protection"

The second option worked for me perfectly.


As the questioner said that he tested the device with the current Operating system and it works perfect, so it cannot be any hardware related problem.

But on the other hand, if you check the Windows Documentation you’ll find out that the error code 0x80004005, refers to a “ACCESS DENIED” Error. which means something is preventing the system (burner) to access your data after burning has done. Most likely if you checked your CD disk, you’ll find that your data is already there and burned successfully, it’s simply the burner wasn’t allowed to access it to verify whether the data got burned correctly or not. It can be prevented by some firewall configuration or your Antivirus if you have any.

  • Try to disable your antivirus, and/or firewall until you burn your CD.

  • or uncheck the “Verify disk after burning” box if you have it checked.

  • or do them both, just in case.


it’s not common to encounter the error during burning ISO to DVD, and many reasons can cause the problem.

What you can do is trying different solutions to get rid of the error. 1. The DVD you are using should be qualified, because older or bad-quality DVD is more likely to cause problems, 2. Download latest ISO and retry burning it to DVD 3. When you are carrying out the task, you should burn it with low write speed, as faster speed tends to cause errors. If these methods still don’t work on your situation, you can go to learn more solutions.

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Thanks @Az1 that was the exact issue, the files were already there in the DVD :slight_smile:

Thanks @afree that’s the exact issue, and the files were already there in the DVD. for another attempt deactivating the Antivirus temporarily worked perfect!

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I had this issue couple days ago, and in fact, it was none of the above, it was simply a bad quality DVD disc. :confused:

I bought a good quality one and it started burning without any problems.

I believe the error “The disk image didn’t burn successfully because an error occurred. (Error code 0x80004005)” should be made clearer by Windows.


To summarize this problem, According to Windows Official Documentation the error code “0x80004005” refers to a “ACCESS DENIED” error.

Thus, Please check your own computer for whatever possible reason is preventing the burner from accessing data whether in your disk (after burning it) or accessing your files from the source you’re copying them from.

Hope that helps.

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