WinRT - Why my MediaElement is playing sound but doesn't display Video?


(SAM) #1

I’ve added a normal MediaElement WinRT control to my Visual Studio 2015, UWP project,
like this:

<MediaElement x:Name="MediaElement1" />

But when i try to load a media File, either binding to MediaElement.Source or by loading the file stream manually and then calling MediaElement1.Play() neither of them worked for me. i downloaded this example XAML media playback sample but it didn’t work either, all methods i tried gave same result, Playing Audio (sound) fine but the Video is not displayed.

(afree) #2

I had similar issue just few days ago, i solved it by updating my Windows Driver for Graphics Card. it would be better if you provide your PC details so we can provide you with some links to the appropriate Drivers,

But in my case i’ve been using Windows 10 in a Samsung AMD Laptop, The sound was playing in the media element but the Video is not displayed at all. so what i did was to install this Graphics driver Catalyst 15.7.1 & Graphics Driver Installer for Windows 10 32-Bit but in your case you should go to your Manufacturer’s website and find the appropriate Graphics Driver for you.